The “Work Undone” – a translation project

The reader “Work Undone” published in 2009. is the collection of the texts by Geert Lovink, Richard Barbrook, Piratbyrån, and Brian Holmes, translated to Serbo-Croatian by Vladimir Jerić Vlidi.

A product of  particular need, the aim of this free publication is to introduce in local language the critical reflection of both early and contemporary digital networks and of the emerging network theory to researchers, activists and anybody interested. These and similar texts were also frequently dismissed as arguments and as a reference in local academic circles on purely technical basis, conservatively viewed as only “links” to the content in “crypto-techno English”. By publishing the translations in traditional manner, in the form of a printed publication, we hope to remove at least the technical obstacles to this academic debate.

By publishing the original texts in English in the “Source code” section of the book alongside the translations we invited the readers and future participants not to trust the translations as the definite and final articulations of these ideas in different language; instead, the original versions are there for the reader to examine, to make sure we got it right or to propose the own and better “porting” of such theoretical knowledge to Serbo-Croatian.

You can follow the links to the original English versions of the texts as published by authors on their respective websites:

The cover of the reader – click to download in .pdf format

You can download the publication with translations and original versions HERE.

Project page in Serbo-Croatian HERE.


Publisher: biro beograd &
On behalf of the publisher: Vladan Jeremić
Biro za kulturu i komunikaciju
Omladinskih brigada 186, 11 070 Novi Beograd
Editor of the Publication: Vladimir Jerić Vlidi
Texts by: Geert Lovink, Richard Barbrook, Piratbyrån, Brian Holmes, Vladimir Jerić Vlidi
Translation and proofreading: Vladimir Jerić, Marko Mladenović
Reviewer: Prof. dr Novica Milić
Design and Layout: Katarina Popović
Photo: Vladan Jeremić, Richard Barbrook, Piratbyrån
Printed by Akademija, Beograd, 2009.
ISBN: 978-86-907379-4-9
Print run 600
Biro za kulturu i komunikaciju
Ministarstvo kulture Republike Srbije
Fakulteti za medije i komunikacije

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